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Partial heaters

Model with open coil for high outputs. It’s suitable for heating pieces of small diameter (18-40mm) with high output rates (more than1000 pieces/h), for applications like  forging of bolts, screw spike, trackbolts.


Screw head

Testa caviglie(Screw head) Heater 400 Kw, 4/5Khz with automatic loading, piece chamfering station and  temperature control. Suitable for  forging screw trackbolts and bolts.


Screw shank

Gambo caviglie(Screw shank) Heater  400 kw with automatic loading, for the heating of screw shank before the threading with hot rolling machines.


Model with circular tunnel closed coil  and with automatic introduction and extraction. It’s suitable for the heating of pieces of small diameter (12-35 mm) with medium output rates (max. 400 pieces/h), advisable for applications like the forging of middle /long tools and bolts.



IRP4-150-8IRP4-150-8. Heater of 150 Kw, 8 Khz, with 3 heating coils.


Model with closed coil with rectangular tunnel. It’s suitable for the heating of pieces of medium diameters (20-100 mm) with medium output rates (max 400 pieces/h), and  so for applications like bolts forging and similar pieces.



IRP9-350-4IRP9-350-4. Heater 350 KW, 4 KHZ with manual loading and automatil extraction of the hot piece.


Model with closed coils with circular tunnel and automatic loading slide. It’s suitable for the Heating of the pieces of medium/large diameters (40-120 mm) with low output rates (max 200 pieces/h) and automatic piece loading beginning from aligned bar magazine. The slide for the piece loading in the three coils translates in sequence from one to another coil: the introduction of a cold piece let go out the piece in temperature. It’ s suitable for applications like forging of axle shafts and similar pieces.



IRP18-800-1IRP18-800-1. Heater 800 Kw, 1 Khz with three heating coils.



heater 1000 kW

forno 1000 kWDetails of the heater 1000 Kw, 1Khz with three heating coils.